Sunday, September 11, 2011

this is my friend Car.
she's great. she creates films.
learn more about her here or here.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hollywood Highland Photographs - i like these

photographs of photographs....ahhhh

I like the LA Metro System, it works for me. It works for a lot of people actually, noticeably busier every time I ride, squeezing in, smelling my Los Angeles friends...

I also like to take a moment to appreciate the art in each station, like the photographs I photographed below - if i recall the theme was...excess. Consumerism! America!

Check this out:

Have fun.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

BBB's LOVE BoBo House!

My fabulous friends Katia and Eloise are team BOBO House-- designing clothes, parties, and everything in between. In their own words,
"We are multicultural, multilingual and part of a generation who is aesthetically aware and driven to create beautiful experiences. We are environmentally conscious, prefer the avant-garde over the mainstream, and are doing what we love with the ultimate purpose of giving back to the community."
Go to their website here-

One of their fabulous ventures is Sundaze in the City at the recently opened Angel City Brewery, located in the downtown art district. Not only does this space brew and serve their own beer but they also exhibit original art in their massive, yet comfortable space. Currently on view (but only through July 10th) is a street art exhibit aptly called - Street Brewed. The one of a kind pieces are on large scale 10x12 wood panels - a must see free of charge exhibit. check it out.

AND not only all that, but the SUNDAZE IN THE CITY brings out the likes of the fabulous Bodacious Bike Babes, seen here being bodacious - just try to stop us from dancing wherever we go, it's impossible. BBB!

pictures courtesy of our #1 fan, will wright.
yup, that will wright.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

long time no see

i directed you here so i figured i better post something.
all has been quiet.
there are so many pictures i haven't shown you yet.
hard to believe i used to live in France.
now i live in LA. life is good.
i just took this photo so you can see i haven't changed that much.

Monday, December 7, 2009

around the Arias homestead - part 1

Jason and Eleanor (our Australian co-WWOOFer and friend) weeding the massively weedy pois chiche (chickpea) field.
our friends the goats!
Jason's primary weed killing tool for the field
Funny geese that greeted us every day we worked in the pois chiche field. They lived with the goats next door to the field.

Jason wrapping up stick bundles, these go in the old school bread oven!

Jason with his hoe, coming from the pois chiche field.

View of the 2 buildings from the front driveway
The steps led to the entry way of our (WWOOF-er) part of the house.
The front room on the left (where the window is) was where the family made bread once a week.

Tool shed on the right, recycling room in the middle, and cellar on the left. Oh, and there was a bee operation in the tool shed too (more pics later!)
The entrance to the main house where the family lived.

Splitting wood!
I'm pretty sure this is the chair that ripped Jason's shorts...they were never the same.
Nini the cat!
Jason is shaking out the rocks for the Torchis wall we're building.
(More on torchis/cob building later)
Weeding! (and actually learning about plants)

This is Jason taking one of his many breaks, haha! (it was a much deserved break of course.)
A post-work swim in the clay pool! That's Jason's head on the left. And the little house that floats in the middle is for the duck, which I took to naming Renard.
Jason in the kitchen - nice mural!
the view from our kitchen window
our hangout space!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Our first exploration into La Penne, France

La Penne, France - our first WWOOF home village;
with the Arias family. (it was really hard to choose photos, this isn't even all of them- I swear!)

we hopped across this field from the farm in order to get into the village.
the church
a winding staircase (very common in small France villages)
you know how I feel about doors...

a beautiful and quite obviously old succulent in the beautiful Mediterranean climate.
the goal for the day - get to the highest point in La Penne which appeared to be this tower.
There were cats everywhere, but we didn't see any other people...

we made it to the tower!
wow, what views!
there's our farm! in the bottom right corner
(not the 2-story building, but the one near the pond)

Where's Waldo? Or Jason rather, standing next to the tower for "perspective".
there is our farm again!
(I did mention that it was hard to pick just a few photos, right?)

that is a winding road below

Next stop for the afternoon - the church tower below.
Can you find the church tower in this one?
Oh, an art shot for fun.
Au revoir tower.
Another cat!
The school
This was dated 1900, not that old...

The bell tower!
We could count on this guy to ring every day, every hour AND every half hour. We often referred to these chimes as "the chimes of freedom" after a long work day.

This was not a church with services for the living...
and for my landscape architecture friends - check out that nice stony hardscape! Beautiful!